The eNlight Cloud Educational lnititative aims to educate students, professionals and experts on the domain of eNlight Cloud and the variety of services that it offers.

  • Can Foundation course be done before graduation?
  • Yes this a skilled-based course and any graduation is not a prerequisite.
  • Is there any option for training at our premises through instructor?
  • Yes. Option is available. You need to contact us.
  • Can module be learned in any sequence?
  • Technically Yes. Logically No. Modules are defined and sequenced in such a way that prior knowledge of earlier modules will require and help in understanding current module topics
  • How many number of Hours required for completing the Course?
  • All module put to gather there videos of ??? minutes. Quiz and Hands both put to gather on will also require almost ??? minutes.
  • When new version of the course will be released?
  • Every Two Years new syllabus will be designed and released to cater the updates of eNlight Cloud technology.
  • Will old Course available after release of new course?
  • Yes. It will be available for six months to complete certifications for those who already have registered for old course.
  • Where will module wise course content available?