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BHAGAVATA VIVEK - Applied Wisdom form Bhagavatam Stories By By Gauranga Darshan Das (Author, Mentor, Dean, BVRC)


1. How to Respond Effectively?
2. When To Apologize And When Not To?
3. How To Deal With  Seniors and Juniors?
4. Why Does One Suffer?
5. Is God Partial?
6. Who Is My Dearest Friend?
7. Can One Man’s Mistake  Make Many Culprits?
8. Do The Scriptures  Have Multiple Meanings?
9. Do I Need A Guru?
10. Can God Be Not God?
11. Can God Create A Stone That He Cannot Lift?    
12. What Hurts God?
13. Are Devotees Poor?
14. How to Live? How to Leave?
15. Who Is The Most Beautiful Person

About the speaker:

Gauranga Darshan Das is a spiritual author, sastric teacher & the Dean of BVRC at ISKCON GEV. He has written the Subodhini series of study guides & other self-help books. He runs a monthly emagazine called Bhagavata Pradipika and regularly writes articles on spiritual subjects.

Bhagavata Viveka

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