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Course Name : The Art of Studying and Teaching Scriptures

Six Session Online Course by Gauranga Darshan Das

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A Six Session Online Course

Course Content:

1. Importance of Scriptural study- History of scriptures, their commentaries & the people behind, What is their glory & relevance in our lives, Most essential books etc.   

2. Mood of learning scriptures - How to approach a guru, Scholarship vs. Servitorship, Spirit of Parampara, Being a bona fide representative etc    

3. Methods & Practical Tips for Study - Study habits, Notes making, Vihangavalokana, SImhavalokana etc.  

4. Art of Learning Slokas - Why learn slokas, How to pronounce, recite, memorise, meditate, learn & explain; Practical tips for memorisation and so on   

5. Mood of Speaking Sastra- Representing parampara, Learning from the spirit of great speaker in & of Bhagavatam, Pitfalls of pride, fame and so on 

6. Art of Speaking Sastra - Practical tips for giving classes, Do's & Don'ts, Making a presentation to a particular audience etc. 

Dates: 18, 19, 25, 26 Dec, 2021  1st & 2nd Jan, 2022 

Timings : 11.30 to 1pm IST 

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